Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.15 No.1 (1974)

1-10 :
Influence of Iron and Silicon on Toughness and Fracture Characteristics of Al-Mg-Mn and Al-Zn-Mg Alloys
Toshiyasu Fukui
11-17 :
Thermally Activated Deformation of Ti-C Alloys below 0.4Tm
K. Okazaki, K. Morinaka and H. Conrad
18-23 :
Nonferromagnetic Elinvar-Type Alloys in the Mn-Ni-Co System
Hakaru Masumoto, Shôhachi Sawaya and Michio Kikuchi
24-31 :
Effect of Aging Treatment on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Udimet 520 and Ni-6.38 %Al Alloy
Y. Shimanuki and H. Doi
32-38 :
Determination of the Diffusivity of Oxygen in Liquid Silver by Electrochemical Measurements
Shinya Otsuka and Zensaku Kozuka
39-45 :
The Influence of Solute Atoms on the Stacking Fault Energy in αCu-Al Alloys
Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo, Kunio Kaku and Tetsuo Eguchi
46-50 :
The Difference between Activation Energies for the Layer Growth and Interdiffusion in an Intermediate Phase Formed in a Poly-Phase Diffusion Couple
Yasuhiro Funamizu and Katsuya Watanabe
51-56 :
TIE Measurements on the Activities of the Silver-Antimony, Silver-Lead and Silver-Tin Molten Alloys
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
57-61 :
Magnetic Susceptibility of Liquid Mercury Alloys
Takashi Takeuchi and Seiichiro Noguchi
62-65 :
Study of G.P. Zones in a Binary Al-10 at% Zn Alloy
Masahiko Morinaga, Kuo-Shung Liu, Yōichiro Tomita
and Yotaro Murakami
66-74 :
The Room and Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties of a Unidirectionally Solidified Quasi-Binary Al-S (Cu2Mg2Al5) Eutectic Composite Alloy
Shojiro Ochiai, Makoto Mizuhara, Masafumi Kawasaki
and Yotaro Murakami
75-82 :
Hydrogen Reduction of Tungsten Trioxide and Ammonium Para-tungstate under High Pressure
Ryosuke Hasegawa, Toshio Kurosawa
and Tetsuo Yagihashi


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