Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.14 No.6 (1973)

423-430 :
Oxidation Kinetics of Cu to Cu2O
Eisuke Iguchi, Kazuo Yajima and Yutaka Saito
431-438 :
Some Observations on the Interdiffusion between Fe and Fe-Al Alloys
Keizo Nishida and Toshio Narita
439-446 :
The Effect of Sulfur Pressure on the Iron Sulfide Scale Growth at Elevated Temperature
Toshio Narita and Keizo Nishida
447-456 :
On the Sulfur Distribution in FeS Scale Formed on Pure Iron at 700°C
Toshio Narita and Keizo Nishida
457-461 :
Self-diffusion Coefficients of Silver and Sodium Ions and Friction Coefficients in Silver Nitrate-Sodium Nitrate Melt
Kazutaka Kawamura and Tsutomu Ando
462-469 :
Effect of Precipitates on Recrystallisation Temperature in Cu-Cr, Cu-Zr and Cu-Zr-Cr Alloys
Takeshi Nagai, Zenzo Henmi, Teruo Sakamoto and Shigeyasu Koda
470-476 :
Thermally Activated Deformation of Ti-O Alloys below 0.4Tm
K. Okazaki, K. Morinaka and H. Conrad
477-482 :
Permanent Magnet Properties and Microstructures of Chill-Cast (Ce-MM)-Cu-Co Ternary Alloys
Shinzo Takata
483-488 :
Chlorination of High-titania Slag in Fluidized Beds
M. A. Doheim, A. Abdel Raaouf and S. A. Rassoul
489-495 :
Effects of Niobium on Textures in Low Carbon Steel Sheets
Osamu Akisue and Kikuo Takashina
496-503 :
Thermodynamic Studies on the Solvent Extraction of Europium Nitrate into Versatic Acid 911-Benzene Solution
Tatsuhiko Shigematsu, Teruo Tanabe, Sanji Nishimura
and Yoshio Kondo
504-510 :
Hot Swage Fabrication of Zircaloy-2 Rod Containing B4C
Tadashi Kubota and Shuichiro Takahashi


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