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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.14 No.5 (1973)

339-346 :
Theoretical Investigation on the Interaction Energy between Solute Atoms and Nitrogen in Molten Iron
Yasuhide Tsu and Tunezo Saito
347-350 :
Resistometric Determination of the Upper Temperature Limit for G.P. Zones in Al-Mg2Si Alloys
Shinya Komatsu, Takeo Onishi and Yotaro Murakami
351-354 :
Electrical Resistivity, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Heat of Mixing of Liquid Silver-Germanium Alloys
Osamu Uemura and Susumu Ikeda
355-363 :
Plastic Deformation of Al-Li Single Crystals Containing Al3Li Particles
Manabu Tamura, Tsutomu Mori and Tadahisa Nakamura
364-367 :
Effects of Grain Size and Interstitial Solute Content on the Hardness of Ti-N, Ti-O and Ti-C Alloys at Room Temperature
Kenji Okazaki and Hans Conrad
368-376 :
Stress Relaxation of Ti-N Alloys at 300 and 400°K
Kenji Okazaki and Hans Conrad
377-381 :
On the Determination of Diffusion Coefficients and the Estimation of the Rate Constants of Phase Interface Moving in a Multi-Phase Interdiffusion
S. Tsuji
382-388 :
Measurements of Activities of Silver in Silver-Bismuth Molten Alloys by the TIE Method
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
389-395 :
Activation Parameters of High-Temperature Creep in Nickel, and in Ni-9.5at % Cr and Ni-10.3at % W Alloys
H. Oikawa, T. Kato and S. Karashima
396-400 :
Coulometric Microdetermitiation of Surface Water on Various Metals and Glasses and of Hydrogen in Beryllium Metal
Takayoshi Yoshimori, Shuiti Ishiwari, Yoshio Watanabe,
Takashi Harada and Shoji Yamada
401-407 :
Electron Metallography of the Decomposition Processes in a Hyper-eutectic Cu-Be β Phase Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki, Tadashi Sahara and Ken'ichi Shimizu
408-414 :
An Intermetallic Fluorite-Type Compound PtMnSn in the Pt-Mn-Sn System and Its Magnetic Properties
Hakaru Masumoto and Kiyoshi Watanabe
415-419 :
Elastic Anisotropy and Its Temperature Dependence of Single Crystals of Co-Elinvar
Hakaru Masumoto, Michio Kikuchi and Shohachi Sawaya


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