Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.14 No.2 (1973)

91-96 :
Local Atomic Arrangements and Anomalous Behavior in αCu-Al Alloys
Chiken Kinoshita, Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo,
Hidehiko Matsuda and Tetsuo Eguchi
97-102 :
On the Behaviour of Graphite in Graphitic Cast Steel
Masao Homma, Shizuya Maekawa and Koreaki Suzuki
103-108 :
Electron Microscope Observation of Dislocation Structure in Pressurized Tough Pitch Copper
Minoru Nobuki, Atsushi Oguchi and Susumu Yoshida
109-113 :
On the Effect of Pressurizing of Pure Copper
Atsushi Oguchi, Susumu Yoshida and Minoru Nobuki
114-119 :
Wettability of Liquid Tin on Solid Copper
Ichiro Kawakatsu and Tadashi Osawa
120-122 :
Thermal Expansion of Liquid Iron
Shunroku Watanabe and Tunezo Saito
123-129 :
Studies on Equilibrium of the Subhalide Reaction by the Bubbling Method
Hiroshi Nagai and Hiroyasu Mitani
130-134 :
Activity Measurements of the Ternary Liquid Al-Si-Fe System by the EMF Method
Hiroshi Nagai and Hiroyasu Mitani
135-139 :
Variation of the Magnetic Properties of Sm (Co, Cu)5 Alloys with Temperature
Kimiyuki Kamino, Yasuo Kimura, Tsutomu Suzuki
and Yasuhiko Itayama
140-147 :
Rates of Dissolution of Rotating Cobalt Cylinders in Liquid Copper and Cu-Co Alloys
Reiichi Ohno, Masahiro Kagawa and Takashi Hasumi
148-153 :
Phase Transitions in a Thermally Cycled Fe-Mn-C Alloy
Muneo Oka, Yasuji Tanaka and Ken'ichi Shimizu
154-160 :
The Influence of Dissolved Oxygen on the Electrochemical Behavior of Mild Steel in Neutral Solution at Temperatures up to 280°C
Tetsuo Fujii and Toyoji Kobayashi
161-165 :
Crystal Structure and Internal Twins of the Ni-36.8 at % Al Martensite
K. Enami, S. Nenno and K. Shimizu
166-167 :
Thermoelectric Power and Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Mercury-Gallium Alloys

T. Takeuchi and S. Noguchi
168-169 :
Lattice Relationships in Alpha to Beta Transformation Caused by Diffusion in the Cu-Zn System

Kunio Ito and Hideo Abe


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