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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.14 No.1 (1973)

1-7 :
Study on Silicothermic Reduction of Dolomite Electrical Resistance Measurement
Yoshimoto Wanibe
8-14 :
An X-ray Diffraction Study of Kinetic Behaviors of Ordering in Fe3Al Alloy
Kensuke Oki, Masayuki Hasaka
and Tetsuo Eguchi
15-21 :
Effects of Impurities on Grain Growth in Strain-Anneal and Secondary Recrystallization of Fe-3.25%Si Alloy
Hitoshi Nakae and Kohsuke Tagashira
22-30 :
High Temperature Microscope Observation of the Grain Boundary Migration in Silver under Compression at 500°C
Yutaka Ogawa
31-36 :
Quench-Hardening and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Rich NiTi Compounds
Toshiyuki Suzuki
37-44 :
The Reaction of Solid Iron with Molten Tin
Tsuneo Ishida
45-49 :
The Feasibility of Activation of Manganese Minerals Flotation
A. M. Abeidu
50-55 :
Electrochemical Study on the Wet Oxidation of Zinc Sulfide in Acid Solutions
Kōichi Arai
56-61 :
Nonmagnetic Elinvar-Type Alloys in the Mn-Cu-Co System
Hakaru Masumoto, Shôhachi Sawaya and Michio Kikuchi
62-67 :
The Morphology of Thin Plate-Like Martensite in Fe-Ni-C Alloys
Tadashi Maki, Sadamasa Shimooka,
Takeo Arimoto and Imao Tamura
68-74 :
Activity Measurements of the PbO-SiO2 Melts by the TIE Method
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
75-81 :
On the Discrepancy between the Activities Measured by the Electromotive Force Method and Those by the Vapor Pressure Method
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
82-88 :
Ageing Characteristics of Copper-Iron Alloys
Shigeoki Saji, Shigenori Hori and Genjiro Mima


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