Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.12 No.5 (1971)

301-306 :
Some Features of the Electrocrystallization of Chromium from Molten Salts
Tadao Sugaya and Osamu Watanabe
307-309 :
Preparation of Manganise Bismuthide by the Solid Diffusion Method and Its Thermal and Magnetic Properties
Makoto Takahashi
310-316 :
On the Interdiffusion in α-Solid Solution of the Fe-Al System in Al Vapor
K. Nishida, T. Yamamoto
and T. Nagata
317-322 :
Grain Size Dependence of Yield Stress and Flow Stress in the Age-Hardened Magnesium-Zinc Alloy
Genjiro Mima and Yasuzo Tanaka
323-328 :
Mechanism of Precipitation Hardening of Magnesium-Zinc Alloys
Genjiro Mima and Yasuzo Tanaka
329-336 :
Directionality of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Hot-Rolled Steel Plate
Keizo Ohnishi
337-342 :
Densities of Fe-Ni, Co-Ni, Co-Mo and Co-W Alloys in Liquid State
Shunroku Watanabe, Masayosi Amatatu
and Tunezo Saito
343-347 :
Studies of Solvent Extraction of Nitric Acid in Water by the System Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate-CCl4
Teruo Tanabe, Sanji Nishimura
and Yoshio Kondo
348-354 :
On Rolling Workability of Pure Tungsten Single Crystals with (110) [001] and (001) [110] Orientations at Room Temperature ∼200°C
Yukio Ohba, Yoshio Tamura
and Tadayuki Fujii
355-368 :
Rapidly Solidified Structures and Their Mechanical Properties in Aluminum Alloys
Toshiyasu Fukui and Keizo Namba
369-374 :
Transmission Electron Microscopy of Substructures Developed during High-Temperature Creep in Alpha-Iron
Seiichi Karashima, Tomohito Iikubo,
Tadao Watanabe and Hiroshi Oikawa
375-377 :
The Order-Disorder Transformation in a Mg-25.7 at% In Alloy

Toshiya Hirata


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