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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 12 No. 3 (1971) pp.179-183
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On The Microstructures and Some Incidental Properties of Al-Cr Alloys Solidified Rapidly*

Riei Ichikawa** and Teruo Ohashi**

The structural change and some incidental properties of Al-Cr alloys (up to 3 wt% Cr) by rapid solidification at cooling rates between 102 and 103°C/sec were investigated. The results obtained are as follows : (1) It is shown that the supersaturated solid solutions can be formed by rapid solidification and the minimum cooling rate to dissolve solute chromium supersaturatedly in pure aluminium is more than about 600°C/sec for 2 wt% Cr and about 1000°C/sec for 3 wt% Cr, respectively. (2) The microstructures of these solid solutions are composed of the dendrite cell structure of the primarily crystallized α phase and the appearance of CrAl7, which has to crystallize primarily in an equilibrium condition, is obstructed. (3) The disintegration temperature of the supersaturated solid solutions of Al-2 wt% Cr alloys is 250°∼300°C. (4) Any precipitation hardening cannot be recognized by disintegration of these present metastable solid solutions.

(Received November 24, 1970)

* This paper was published in Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals, 34 (1970) 115 (in Japanese).

** Department of Metals Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan.

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