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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.11 No.4 (1970)

217-224 :
Thermodynamic Study on the Activities of Both Components in Binary Molten Alloys
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
225-230 :
Prolonged Ageing of an Aluminium-Zinc-Magnesium Alloy
Ken-ichi Hirano and Kazuhiko Asano
231-238 :
Transmission Electron Microscope Studies on the Behaviours of Dislocations during Creep Deformation of Copper Single Crystals
Tadashi Hasegawa, Hiroshi Sato
and Seiichi Karashima
239-244 :
Constitutional Investigations on the Miscibility Gap in Iron-Chromium and Iron-Chromium- Vanadium Systems
Genjiro Mima and Masaharu Yamaguchi
245-251 :
On the Structure of Initial Oxide Films on Stainless Steel in High Temperature Water and Vapor
Tadayuki Nakayama and Yoshiki Oshida
252-256 :
Formation of Twins and Stacking Faults during the Primary Recrystallization of Pure Nickel
Pierre Merklen, Ei-ichi Furubayashi
and Hidehiko Yoshida
257-263 :
Metastable Miscibility Gap Island in Fe-Ni-Mn Ternary Martensitic Alloys
Tomoo Suzuki
264-267 :
On the Controlling Factors of the Hardness of Quenched- and-Tempered Steels with the Spheroidized Carbide Structure
Tatsuro Kunitake
268-274 :
Effects of Titanium in Alnico 8-Type Magnet Alloys
Yoshiro Iwama, Matsumi Inagaki
and Toshinobu Miyamoto
275-283 :
A Survey of High Velocity Deformation Characteristics of 78% Zn-22% Al Alloy
N. Ujiiye and R. B. Pond
284-291 :
Repeated Yielding and Abnormal Hardening in High- Temperature Tensile Deformation of α-Brass
Osamu Izumi and Yuzo Harada
292-299 :
Hot Shortness of α-Brass
Osamu Izumi and Yuzo Harada


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