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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.11 No.1 (1970)

3-6 :
Study on Fracture Initiation in Normalized and Cold-Worked Mild Steels
Makio Iino and Hiroshi Mimura
7-11 :
Negative Magnetoresistance Effect of Iron with Varying Impurity Contents
Tadayuki Fujii
12-23 :
Untersuchung über die Ausscheidungsvorgänge in einer Al-Zn2Mg Legierung und den Einfluss einer zweistufigen Auslagerung auf ihr Verhalten
Von Osamu Kawano, Yotaro Murakami, Takanori Nakazawa
und Kuo Shung Liu
24-29 :
The Critical Cooling Rates Determined by the Jominy Tests in the Age-Hardening Cu-Cr, Cu-Be and Cu-Co2Si Alloys
Tadatoshi Toda
30-35 :
The C Curves Determined by Isothermal Treatments in the Age-Hardening Cu-Cr, Cu-Be and Cu-Co2Si Alloys
Tadatoshi Toda
36-43 :
The Fracture of a Low Carbon Tempered Martensite
Tohru Inoue, Shôichi Matsuda,
Yoshihiro Okamura and Kôichi Aoki
44-50 :
Electron Microscope Study of the Martensite Transformation in an Ordered Fe3Pt Alloy
Tsugio Tadaki and Ken'ichi Shimizu
51-55 :
New Nonmagnetic Elinvar-Type Alloy “Pallagold” in the Pd-Au System
Hakaru Masumoto and Shôhachi Sawaya
56-61 :
Heat Resistance at the Mold-Ingot Interface
Yoshinori Nishida and Shizuo Suzuki
62-67 :
Anodic Polarization Behavior of Iron-Silicon Alloys
Masami Onishi and Hiroyasu Mitani
68-71 :
Spontaneous Volume Magnetostriction of (Fe1-xCox)0.89Cr0.11 Alloys
Hideo Saitô, Hiroyasu Fujirnori
and Toshiro Saitô
72-76 :
On the Magnetic and Electric Properties of (Fe1-xCox)0.89Cr0.11 Alloys
Hiroyasu Fujimori and Hideo Saitô


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