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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.10 No.4 (1969)

235-237 :
Study on the Development of Rolling Textures upon Consideration of the Plane Strain Condition
Taichi Kamijo
238-241 :
On the Development of the Pure Metal Type Rolling Textures in FCC Metals due to Slip Rotations
Taichi Kamijo
242-246 :
A Consideration on the Development of Rolling Textures in α-Iron
Taichi Kamijo
247-255 :
Effects of Antimony and Tin Additions on Char- acteristic Properties of New High Magnetic Permeability Alloy “Nimalloy” in the System of Nickel and Manganese
Hakaru Masumoto, Yûetsu Murakami
and Masakatsu Hinai
256-258 :
Identification of Initial Oxide Film on 18-8 Stainless Steel
Yasunobu Tsuji and Masayuki Uda
259-266 :
Heats of Mixing in Liquid Silver Binary Alloys
Kimio Itagaki and Akira Yazawa
267-270 :
Determination of Surface Chromium Contents of Chromized Steel by Fluorescent X-ray Analysis
Kazuo Kawamura, Toshio Watanabe
and Kôichi Nishizaka
271-276 :
The Role of Molybdenum in the Oxidation of TiC-Ni-Mo Alloys
Takeji Hachisuka, Tomio Nishimura
and Masao Kondô
277-280 :
On the Strengthening Mechanism by Warm Working
Isao Gokyu and Kenji Hashimoto
281-286 :
The Titanium-Rich Corner of the Ternary Ti-Al-V System
Tokuzou Tsujimoto
287-291 :
An Apparatus for the Analysis of Micro-Amounts of Gases in Iron and Steel by Vacuum Fusion-Mass Spectrometry
Naoharu Yamaguchi, Hideo Kanno
and Ôhiko Kammori
292-293 :
Void Formation near Fatigue Cracks

Tsugio Ogura and Seiichi Karashima


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