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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.10 No.3 (1969)

161-165 :
Density and Electrical Conductivity of Fused Magnesium Electrolyte, (II) Magnesium Electrolyte with LiCl
Tomoo Matsushima and Tsutomu Ito
166-173 :
Mechanism of Precipitation Hardening in Cu-Be Alloys
Zenzo Henmi and Takeshi Nagai
174-177 :
The Effect of Cooling Rate on the Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature of Aluminium Wetted with 3%Zn Amalgam
Hiroyuki Ichinose and Chiaki Oouchi
178-181 :
Effect of the Composition of Sn-Zn Liquid on the Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature of Aluminium
Hiroyuki Ichinose and Chiaki Oouchi
182-187 :
Residual Stress and Fatigue Strength of Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel
Masahiko Ogirima
188-195 :
Influence of Some Additional Elements on the Aging Kinetics in Al-Cu and Al-Cu-Mg Alloys
Yoshio Baba
196-204 :
Influence of Composition on the Two-Stage Aging of Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Yoshio Baba and Akira Takashima
205-209 :
Steady-State Creep Characteristics of Polycrystalline Nickel in the Temperature Range 500° to 1000°C
Seiichi Karashima, Hiroshi Oikawa
and Toshio Motomiya
210-214 :
The Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen on the Flow Stress of Polycrystalline Iron
Eiji Takahashi
215-222 :
Grain Boundary Sliding in High-Purity Aluminium Bicrystal and Al-Cu Solid Solution Bicrystal during Plastic Deformation
Michitomo Kato
223-226 :
Interaction of Solute Atoms with Dislocation in Surface Layer of Abraded Cu-Al Alloys
Koichi Nakajima, Nobuyuki Yamamoto
and Akio Isogai
227-231 :
A Study on the Blue-brittle Behaviour of a Mild Steel in Torsional Deformation
Genjiro Mima and Fukuji Inoko


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