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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.10 No.2 (1969)

73-80 :
Ageing, Reversion and Reageing of Copper- Beryllium Alloys
Yoshitsugu Mishima, Tadatsune Okubo
and Ryusuke Shiromizu
81-84 :
Free Energy and Basicity of Molten Silicate Solution
Toshio Yokokawa and Kichizo Niwa
85-90 :
The Formation of Cube Texture in 50%Ni-50%Fe Alloy
Hitoshi Nakae and Akira Okada
91-97 :
A Resistometric Study of the Early Stage of Ageing in Lead-Magnesium Alloy
Ryoichi Nozato and Harusige Tsubakino
98-106 :
Mechanisms of Mo-Mn-Ti Metallizing and Cu Brazing in Metal-to-Ceramic Seals
Minoru Hirota
107-114 :
On the Nature of Cell Boundaries in Rapidly Cast Al-Alloys
Ichiji Obinata, Osamu Izumi, D. Oelschlägel
and Akihiko Nagata
115-118 :
The Effect of Aluminium Additions on Characteristic Properties of New High Magnetic Permeability Alloy “Nimalloy” in the System of Nickel and Manganese
Hakaru Masumoto, Yûetsu Murakami
and Masakatsu Hinai
119-123 :
Crystal Anisotropy and Temperature Dependence of Young's Modulus in Single Crystal of Nickel
Hakaru Masumoto, Hideo Saitô, Yûetsu Murakami
and Michio Kikuchi
124-127 :
The Strain Gauge Factor and Electrical Properties in a Cold-Worked State of Iron-Chromium Alloys
Hakaru Masumoto and Naoji Nakamura
128-131 :
Effect of Addition of Cobalt or Nickel on the Strain Gauge Factor and Electrical Properties of Iron-Chromium Alloys
Hakaru Masumoto and Naoji Nakamura
132-139 :
Metastable State in Aluminum-Silver Alloys Formed during Quenching
Ken-ichi Hirano
140-146 :
Carbothermic Reduction of Silica (Studies on the Production of Crude Aluminium Alloy by the Direct Reduction of Aluminous Ores (III))
Takeaki Kikuchi, Toshio Kurosawa
and Tetsuo Yagihashi


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