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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol. 1 No. 2 (1960) pp.130-135
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The Quantitative Spectrochemical Analysis of Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and Silicon in the Titanium Sponge*

Nakaaki Oda**, Sadayuki Tsunoo** and Toshio Hashimoto**

In connection with the author's 1st and 2nd report of ``Quantitative Spectrochemical Analysis of Silicon and Vanadium in Titanium Tetrachloride''(1), the spectral line pairs for determination of magnesium, iron, manganese and silicon in titanium sponge were studied by 5×5 Graeco-Latin square experiments, bifactorial experiment and standard deviation, which was calculated from 50 repeated analysis.
The titanium sponge sample was dissolved without boiling in dilute hydrochloric acid (5 g Ti/50 cc HCl (1 : 1)) on a hot plate. All of the analytical conditions and procedures, except the sample preparation were identical to those described in the author's 1st report. The variation coefficient and the limits of these line pairs for quantitative analysis are shown in Table 7.

(Received October 17, 1960)

* Published in Japanese in the J. Japan Institute of Metals, 23 411 (1959) (Application of Quantitative Spectrochemical Analysis to the Titanium Refining Industry. 3rd Report). Presented at the April 1959, Division of Analytical Chemistry, Japan Institute of Metals Meeting in Tokyo.

** Takaoka Plant, Nippon Soda Co., Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture Japan.

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