Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.1 No.1 (1960)

1-8 :
Statistico-thermodynamical Studies on the Oxidation Equilibria of Uranium Dioxides
Sakae Takeuchi and Yasutoshi Saito
9-15 :
The Local Distribution of the Strain in Plastically Deformed Aluminium Crystals (4, 5th Report). Analyses of Slip Bands and Clustered Slips by Means of X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
Zenji Nishiyama and Satohiro Hayami
16-21 :
Effect of the Concentration of Hydrogen-Ion on the Flade Potential of Nickel
Go Okamoto and Norio Sato
22-26 :
The Equilibrium Diagram of the Ti-Al System
Tomo-o Sato and Yen-Chien Huang
27-32 :
Effects of Plastic Deformation on Aging in Ternary Aluminium Alloys
Yotaro Murakami and Osamu Kawano
33-37 :
The Deformation of G. P. Zones in an Al-Ag Alloy by Cold Working
Mutsuo Ohta
38-42 :
Equilibrium between Dissolved Oxygen in Liquid Iron and H2-H2O Gas Mixtures
Hiroshi Sakao and Kokichi Sano
43-48 :
X-ray Investigation of Fatigue Damage in Metallic Materials
Shuji Taira and Kazuo Honda
49-53 :
The Effect of Prestraining on the Ductility of Pure Chromium
Susumu Yoshida, Yukio Ohba and Norio Nagata
54-57 :
The Eutectoid Transformation of the β' Phase in Cu-Zn Alloys
Gunji Shinoda and Yoshitsugu Amano
58-68 :
An X-Ray Investigation on the Precipitation in Aged Magnesium-Rich Magnesium-Silver Alloys
Shin'ichi Nagashima


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