JIM Spring Meeting 2018

The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials

Registration for Annual Meeting

Application for Presentations
(Registration for presentations, meeting participation, and banquet; abstract submission)

Participation Fee: Regular members 10,000 yen, Student members 6,000 yen
For Student Members
Abstract Submissions

Please be sure to use the abstract template provided.

Download the Word template for abstracts here
  • The contents input in the presentation application form (e.g., title, authors, and affiliations) are reflected in your abstract submission automatically. You do not need to input these in the abstract template. Please input only the body text of the abstract in the template frame provided. Note that any content outside the frame will not be reflected in the submitted text.
  • Be sure to accept all tracked changes, revisions, and author comments before uploading your abstract file.
  • Use the MS Word functions for italic, superscript, etc. in the abstract. Do not use html tags.

Select the presentation category that you would like to apply for and then complete the application process. Before clicking the selection, be sure to prepare the abstract file and have it ready to upload.

You can apply for one type of presentation only.

Symposium Session
Nov 10, 1 pm to Jan 10, 5 pm
JIM-ISIJ Joint Session
Nov 10, 1 pm to Jan 10, 5 pm
General Session
Nov 10, 1 pm to Jan 10, 5 pm
Poster Session
Nov 10, 1 pm to Jan 10, 5 pm

Application for Attendees:

Period: Nov 10, 1 pm to Feb 10, 5 pm



Application for Banquet

For those who would like to attend the Banquet only, please send an e-mail with your name, affiliation, address, and phone number to the Secretariat at annualm@jim.or.jp.

Annual Meeting MyPage

You can do the listed below on Annual Meeting MyPage.
  1. Confirm or revise your entry to present at the meeting.
  2. Confirm or revise your entry to attend the meeting.
  3. Cancel all entries.
  4. Payment of participation fee, presentation fee, and banquet fee.
  5. Print receipt.
  6. Print invoice.
Login to Annual Meeting MyPage
You will need your Entry No. and Password to log in. These were sent to you in the email confirming your application.
Entry No. and Password are.

Schedule : Monday, March 19, 2018 - Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Place : Chiba Institute of Technology, Shin-Narashino Campus
(2-1-1 Shibazono,Narashino, Chiba 275-0023, JAPAN)