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Materials Transactions, Vol.59 No.05 (2018) pp.717-723
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Effect of Ag Addition to Zn22 mass%Al-2 mass%Cu Alloy on the Four-Phase Reaction η + ε → α + τ′

H.J. Dorantes-Rosales, V.M. López-Hirata, Felipe Hernández-Santiago, M.L. Saucedo-Muñoz and Ana María Paniagua-Mercado

Instituto Politécnico Nacional, ESIQIE-ESFM, Ciudad de México, 07300, México

The effect of Ag additions to the four-phase, η + ε → α + τ′, was studied experimental and thermodynamically using Zn-22 mass%Al-2 mass%Cu base alloys with four Ag contents from 0 to about 4 mass% Ag. SEM and XRD results indicated the presence of the τ′ phase decreased as the Ag content increased for the aged alloys which can be attributed to the stabilization of the ε phase because of its increase in Ag content which is in agreement with Thermo-Calc results. The Ag addition also promoted a slowest decrease in hardness in the aging curves at 200°C which can be attributed to the slowest diffusion process for the quaternary alloy.


(Received 2017/11/17; Accepted 2018/02/13; Published 2018/04/25)

Keywords: Ag additions, Zn22 mass%Al-2 mass%Cu alloy, four-phase reaction, thermodynamic stability, aging curves

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