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Materials Transactions, Vol.59 No.01 (2018) pp.88-97
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Effective Alloying Treatment for Platinum Using Iron Chloride Vapor

Yu-ki Taninouchi1 and Toru H. Okabe1

1Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 153-8505, Japan

An effective alloying treatment for Pt using FeClx (x = 2, 3) vapor was demonstrated towards developing a novel recovery process for platinum group metals (PGMs) in catalyst scrap. Suitable reaction conditions were discussed from the perspective of thermodynamics, and its validity was confirmed experimentally. When pure Pt samples were reacted with FeCl2 vapor at 1200 K under the coexistence of metallic Fe, an Fe-Pt alloy showing ferromagnetism was easily formed, even though the samples were not in physical contact with the metallic Fe. On the basis of thermodynamic considerations, alloying of Pt mainly proceeds via the disproportionation of FeCl2 vapor, with the gaseous phase containing FeClx acting as the medium to transport Fe from the metallic Fe to the Pt samples. When the alloyed sample was kept under FeCl3 vapor at 1200 K, Fe was removed and ferromagnetism was lost. Therefore, it is concluded that FeCl2 vapor treatment under the coexistence of Fe is a feasible and useful technique for alloying Pt and forming a ferromagnetic Fe-Pt alloy. The results obtained in this study indicate that treatment with FeCl2 vapor followed by magnetic separation has potential as an effective technique for concentrating PGMs directly from catalyst scrap.


(Received 2017/07/28; Accepted 2017/10/16; Published 2017/12/25)

Keywords: platinum, iron chloride, iron-platinum alloy, alloying treatment, recycling, ferromagnetism

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