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Materials Transactions, Vol.59 No.01 (2018) pp.39-46
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Experimental and Numerical Simulation Analysis of the Blocking Layer in an Electromagnetic Induction-Controlled Automated Steel Teeming System

Chunyang Shi1 and Jicheng He1

1Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (Ministry of Education), Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China

Improving the efficiency of electromagnetic steel teeming systems have included methods to accelerate the heating process, wherein the most convenient and effective is to adjust the position of the blocking layer. Herein, numerical simulation is used to initially optimize the physical parameters (material type, shape and particle size) of the Fe-C alloy to identify the most effective induction heating area for the blocking layer. Next, 110 Mg of steel ladle from a steel mill is used as the experiment carrier to verify the numerical simulation results and the following conclusions are made: the position of the blocking layer is related to all Fe-C alloy parameters of material type, shape and particle size, whose respective optimal values are 10# steel material, cylindrical shape, and 2.0 mm particle size for 110 Mg steel ladle electromagnetic steel teeming system; and 10# steel material, cylindrical shape, and 2.5 mm particle size for a 260 Mg ladle. Furthermore, through comparative analysis of the numerical simulation models of the 110 and 260 Mg steel ladles it is found that long molten steel channels require a large amount of Fe-C alloy filling, and that the blocking layer tends to move upward and become thinner. Additionally, it is verified using a self-designed experimental device that the thickness of the blocking layer increases with higher temperatures and longer standing times of the molten steel. This work provides reference for the improvement of the efficiency of electromagnetic steel teeming systems.


(Received 2017/08/28; Accepted 2017/10/13; Published 2017/12/25)

Keywords: electromagnetic steel teeming system, iron-carbon alloy, physical parameters, steel teeming time

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