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Materials Transactions, Vol.59 No.01 (2018) pp.110-116
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Influence of Cooling Rate on Primary Particle and Solute Distribution in High-Speed Twin-Roll Cast Al-Mn Based Alloy Strip

Ram Song1, Yohei Harada1 and Shinji Kumai1

1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo 152-8552, Japan

Binary Al-Mn, ternary Al-Mn-Fe and Al-Mn-Si alloys were prepared by different cooling rates during solidification using direct chill-casting and high-speed twin-roll casting. Mn concentration and solute distribution in Al matrix were examined. The Mn concentration in solid solution was considered almost equivalent in as-cast condition. In contrast, much amount of decomposition of supersaturated Mn in solid solution occurred in high-speed twin-roll cast alloys after homogenization. In high-speed twin-roll cast strips, fine distribution of constituent particles in Al-Mn-Fe alloy and homogeneous solute distribution in Al matrix in Al-Mn-Si alloy were obtained due to the high cooling rate of the high-speed twin-roll casting. After homogenization treatment, coarsening and spheroidization of the constituent particles were mainly observed in Al-Mn-Fe alloy, while formation of fine dispersoids was predominantly observed in Al-Mn-Si alloy. Such differences in microstructure resulted from the decomposition behavior of supersaturated Mn in solid solution.


(Received 2017/08/08; Accepted 2017/10/06; Published 2017/12/25)

Keywords: high-speed twin-roll casting, cooling rate, solute distribution, aluminum-manganese-iron alloy, aluminum-manganese-silicon alloy

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