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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.05 (2017) pp.834-837
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Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Preform with High Porosity and Its Application in Metal Matrix Composites

Yongbum Choi1, Zhefeng Zu1, Kazuhiro Matsugi1, Kenjiro Sugio1 and Gen Sasaki1

1Division of Materials and Production Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8527, Japan

A new process is proposed to manufacture carbon nanotube preform and carbon nanotube (vapor grown carbon fiber, VGCF)-reinforced aluminum matrix composite. Carbon nanotube preform is fabricated using a mixtures of mesophase pitch (MP) and VGCF. The VGCF-MP-preform-reinforced aluminum composite was manufactured by a low-pressure casting method, with a pressure of 0.8 MPa. The effect of the addition ratio of MP powder and VGCF on VGCF-MP-preform was observed. Therefore, microstructure of VGCF-MP-preform-reinforced aluminum composites with and without nickel plating was observed.


(Received 2017/01/17; Accepted 2017/02/20; Published 2017/04/25)

Keywords: carbon nanotube, metal matrix composite, low-pressure, porosity, manufacturing

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