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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.04 (2017) pp.692-696
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Demonstration of the Applicability of Nondestructive Microwave Testing to the Long-Range Inspection of Inner-Surface Cracks in Tubes

Kota Sasaki1, Takuya Katagiri1, Noritaka Yusa1 and Hidetoshi Hashizume1

1Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai 980-8579, Japan

This study evaluated the applicability of nondestructive microwave testing method for the long-range detection of inner-surface cracks in metallic tubes. Two seamless straight tubes 7 m in length and 23.0 mm in inner diameter were prepared, and artificial circumferential slits penetrating the tube walls were introduced. A probe to propagate microwave inside the tube, designed based on three-dimensional finite element simulations, was attached to an end of the tube, and the reflections of the microwave propagating inside the tube were measured using a network analyzer. The experiments confirmed clear reflections due to the slits situated 6 m away from the probe. Furthermore, imposing a signal processing method to compensate for the dispersion of the microwave clarified the reflections and enabled the slit to be localized quantitatively from the time-of-flight of the reflections.


(Received 2017/01/10; Accepted 2017/02/01; Published 2017/03/25)

Keywords: electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation, time of flight, localization, signal processing, finite element simulation

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