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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.04 (2017) pp.525-529
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Microstructures and Charge-Discharging Properties of Selective Laser Sintering Applied to the Anode of Magnesium Matrix

Yen-Ting Chen, Fei-Yi Hung, Truan-Sheng Lui and Jia-Zheng Hong

1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan 701, Taiwan

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing (3D printing) technique that can be applied to the anode of lithium batteries to simplify the manufacturing process and enhance the production efficiency. The specific surface nanostructures and intermetallic compounds (IMC) induced by the SLS process can improve the capacity and cycle life. In this study, a stable anode for a lithium ion battery was successfully fabricated by the SLS process, the capacity of the battery exceeded 150 mAhg−1 after 10 cycles under a 0.1 C current rate at room temperature. Moreover, the capacity enhanced to 250 mAhg−1 after 10 cycles under a 0.1 C current rate at the high temperature of 55℃. The results show the potential of the SLS technique for application in the lithium ion battery industry.


(Received 2016/11/21; Accepted 2017/01/16; Published 2017/03/25)

Keywords: selective laser sintering, magnesium anode, lithium ion battery

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