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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.03 (2017) pp.520-523
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Enhanced Wear Resistance of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass by Thermal Oxidation Treatment

Kun Zhou1, Shujie Pang1, Chen Chen1, Ying Liu1, Wei Yang1 and Tao Zhang1

1Key Laboratory of Aerospace Materials and Performance (Ministry of Education), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China

Enhancement of surface properties such as wear resistance of Zr-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) is important for many applications of the materials. In this paper, the effect of thermal oxidation on the tribological behavior of a Zr-Ti-Cu-Al-Y BMG was studied. It is found that oxidation treatment greatly improves the wear resistance of the BMG, which is ascribed to the formation of a layer of oxidized scale. This result is beneficial for the improvement of surface properties and further application of the Zr-based BMGs.


(Received 2016/11/21; Accepted 2016/12/21; Published 2017/02/25)

Keywords: bulk metallic glass, oxidation, indentation and hardness, wear and tribology

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