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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.03 (2017) pp.341-349
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Reduction of CaTiO3 in Molten CaCl2 - as Basic Understanding of Electrolysis

Ryosuke O. Suzuki1, Hiromi Noguchi1, Hiromasa Hada1, Shungo Natsui1 and Tatsuya Kikuchi1

1Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-8628, Japan

Electrochemical decomposition of CaTiO3 at the cathode was examined in a scheme of titanium metal production from natural deposit, Ilmenite (TiFeO3). Based on the possible precipitation of CaTiO3 from TiFeO3, the electrochemical decomposition of CaTiO3 is here examined using combination of the calciothermic reduction and the electrolysis of CaO in the same molten salt. Inhomogeneous reduction in the cathodic basket is related with buoyancy of Ca and insufficient dehydration. By optimizing the cooling conditions, CaO content in the molten salt, and dehydration method, an industrial level of 0.42 mass%O could be achieved as powder form.


(Received 2016/09/05; Accepted 2016/10/17; Published 2017/02/25)

Keywords: calcium chloride, calciothermic reduction, molten salt electrolysis, titanium production

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