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Materials Transactions, Vol.58 No.02 (2017) pp.148-151
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Effects of Complexing Reagent on Electroless Nickel Iron Alloy Plating for the Diffusion Barrier of UBM

Ja-Kyung Koo1 and Jae-Ho Lee1

1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Hongik University, 94 Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04066, Korea

Electro and electroless nickel platings have been extensively used as a diffusion barrier in under bump metallization (UBM) or as a surface finish on printed circuit boards (PCB). Even though a thin Ni layer on top of Cu can reduce the interfacial reactions with Sn-rich solders at a low reflow temperature, it may not be so effective when a reflow process is performed at a higher temperature and for a longer period. To provide a more robust diffusion barrier layer than electrodes Ni, electroless NiFe alloy system has been proposed. Since the electroless Ni-Fe plating bath has been rarely studied, the proper baths were not available commercially. In this research, the electroless plating of Ni-Fe alloys was investigated on the basis of complexing reagent. The stability of complexing reagent was studied. The compositions of electroplating layers were analyzed with EDS. The desired Ni-Fe alloy were obtained by controlling the chemical composition of the bath and its operating parameters.


(Received 2016/11/14; Accepted 2016/12/01; Published 2017/01/25)

Keywords: electroless, nickel iron alloy, complexing agent, under bump metallization (UBM), stability

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