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Materials Transactions, Vol.57 No.12 (2016) pp.2008-2014
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Fabrication of TiO2/SiO2 Composite Coating via a High-Temperature Self-Organizing Microporous TiO2 Layer on Ti

Eri Miura-Fujiwara1, 2, Yoshinobu Tanaka2, Hiroshi Harada1, Takeyuki Kikuchi2, 3 and Thoru Yamasaki1, 2

1Department of Materials and Synchrotron Radiation Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo, Himeji 761-2280, Japan
2Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry, School of Engineering, University of Hyogo, Himeji 761-2280, Japan
3Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo, Himeji 761-2280, Japan

We studied the fabrication of a TiO2/SiO2 composite coating on Ti. At a temperature above 1100 K with oxygen partial pressure, a self-organized coating of rutile phase TiO2 is formed on a Ti substrate. The thick TiO2 coating (> 10 μm) had a “piecrust-like” multilayer structure, which comprise TiO2 monolayers and gaps. A composite coating containing SiO2 was fabricated via a sol-gel method in vacuum to improve the exfoliation strength of the brittle, porous TiO2 coating. Cross-sectional SEM images revealed sufficient amounts of SiO2 in the gaps between the TiO2 monolayers in the TiO2/SiO2 composite coating, even at the interface between the oxide coating and the substrate. Exfoliation stress of the composite coating was up to 10-15 times higher than for the self-organized TiO2 coating alone, and the composite coating's failure mode was interfacial compared with cohesive for the self-organized TiO2 coating.


(Received 2016/06/08; Accepted 2016/09/13; Published 2016/11/25)

Keywords: titanium (Ti), titanium dioxide, vacuum sol-gel method, composite material, dental material

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