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Materials Transactions, Vol.53 No.03 (2012) pp.575-577
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Diffusion of Tl Ions into Glass Treated by Molten Salt Ion Exchange and Hydrogen Reduction

Mikito Ueda1, Hajime Matsunaga1, Toshiaki Ohtsuka1 and Toshiharu Yamashita2

1Research Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-8628, Japan
2Kawazoe Frontier Technology, Tokyo 193-0826, Japan

To investigate the diffusion behavior of Tl ions, glass was immersed in TlNO3-KNO3 molten salt at 753 K for various lengths of time. The Tl ions embedded in the glass were then reduced to metallic Tl nano-particles by hydrogen at 803 K for 1 h. The depth of the ion exchange layer down to about 140 µm in the glass was found to be proportional to a square root of the length of immersion time. It was suggested that the ion exchange process is controlled by the diffusion of Tl ions from the surface to the inside. Reduction of Tl ions to metallic Tl with the hydrogen gas occurred only at the surface down to 4 µm. The concentration profile of the metallic Tl is discussed by nucleation-nucleus growth and the diffusion of Tl ions from deeper areas.

(Received 2011/11/07; Accepted 2011/12/09; Published 2012/02/25)

Keywords: ion exchange, molten salt, glass, nano-particles

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