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Materials Transactions, Vol.51 No.09 (2010) pp.1656-1662
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Evaluation of Yttria Applicability as a Crucible for Induction Melting of TiAl Alloy

Toshimitsu Tetsui1, Toshiharu Kobayashi1, Takashi Mori2, Tatsuya Kishimoto1 and Hiroshi Harada1

1High Temperature Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba 305-0047, Japan
2Iwao Jiki Kogyo Co., Ltd., Arita 844-8555, Japan

In seeking cost reductions for precision cast parts made of TiAl alloy, application of induction melting using a ceramic crucible would be highly effective. Accordingly, consideration was given to the applicability of yttria as the material basis for such a ceramic crucible. Crucible specifications were first investigated, and a prototype crucible was fabricated with a suitable mixture ratio of raw materials from the standpoint of satisfactory thermal shock resistance and low reactivity with TiAl molten metal. As a result of induction melting testing of Ti-46 at%Al alloy, the developed crucible was found to facilitate substantially less contamination of the TiAl alloy, with lower oxygen concentration and hardness as compared with other conventional ceramic crucibles.

(Received 2010/4/20; Accepted 2010/6/16; Published 2010/7/28)

Keywords: TiAl, induction melting, ceramic crucible, yttria, thermal shock resistance, contamination

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