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Materials Transactions, Vol.51 No.09 (2010) pp.1526-1530
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the As-Cast and Extruded Mg-(6-11)Li-3Al-Ce-Ca Alloys

Liren Cheng1, Zhanyi Cao1, Ruizhi Wu2, Milin Zhang2 and Dongmei Jiang3

1Key Laboratory of Automobile Materials of Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Jilin University, No.5988 Renmin Street, Changchun 130025, P. R. China
2Key Laboratory of Superlight Materials & Surface Technology (Harbin Engineering University), Ministry of Education, Harbin 150001, P. R. China
3Mechanics Teaching and Research Office, Aviation University of Air Force, No.7855 Renmin Street, Changchun 130022, P. R. China

Samples of (A) Mg-6.86Li-3.02Al-1.12Ce-0.7Ca, (B) Mg-8.15Li-3.07Al-1.12Ce-0.72Ca and (C) Mg-10.54Li-3.54Al-1.23Ce-0.94Ca alloys are prepared by casting and extrusion process. The microstructure and mechanical properties of alloys are characterized. The results indicate that the as-cast specimens of (A) and (B) have α+β dual phase structure and the as-cast (C) alloy has β phase (Li), α+β eutectic structure. Bulk and rod-like Al2Ce and Al2Ca compounds are found in matrix and boundaries in all the alloys. The orientation relationship between a type of Al2(Ce, Ca) phase and the α phase is confirmed, i.e., [112] // [7253]α, (111) // (0111)α. For the extruded alloys, the microstructures are refined and the β phase has the effect of coordination during deformation. The long rod-like and bulk compounds become short rods and fine clumps distributing evenly in the extruding direction. The microstructure of extruded Mg-10.54Li-3.54Al-1.23Ce-0.94-Ca alloy testifies the existence of the eutectic structure. The tensile strength and yield strength of Mg-6.86Li-3.02Al-1.12Ce-0.7Ca (UTS: 12.5%, YS: 36%) and Mg-8.15Li-3.07-Al-1.12Ce-0.72Ca (UTS: 24%, YS: 46%) alloys have improved after extruding process.

(Received 2010/4/30; Accepted 2010/6/14; Published 2010/8/25)

Keywords: magnesium-lithium alloys, extrusion, mechanical properties

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