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Materials Transactions, Vol.47 No.02 (2006) pp.433-439
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Creep Behavior of Extruded Sheets of Magnesium Alloys Containing La-Rich Mischmetal

Chao-Chi Jain and Chun-Hao Koo

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University, No.~1, Sec.~4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan 106, R. O. China

In this study, the effect of RE content on the microstructure and creep properties of Mg--8Al--xRE (x=0, 1, 2 or 3 mass%) alloys were investigated. The microstructural analysis and phase characterizations of Mg--8Al alloy with 1--3 mass% RE (La-rich Mischmetal) additions were conducted. (i) The as-extruded Mg--8Al--xRE alloys consisted of an α-Mg matrix, β (Mg17Al12) and Al11RE3 compounds. (ii) Raising the extent of RE in the alloy also increases the amount and coarsening of the Al11RE3 compounds, but the amount of β phase diminishes and turns into the fine particles. The creep rupture life increment measured at 423 K is around 40--100 MPa, and the creep rupture life over 423 K is also prolonged. The marked improvement in high-temperature tensile creep properties is attributed to the fine rod-like Al11RE3 compound having high thermal stability in the alloys.

(Received 2005/8/18; Accepted 2005/12/15; Published 2006/2/15)

Keywords: magnesium--8aluminum--xrare earth alloy, lanthanum-rich mischmetal, microstructure, creep property

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