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Materials Transactions, JIM, Vol.38 No.11 (1997) pp.957-964
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Structure and Orientation of Zirconium Nitride in Niobium-Zirconium Alloys

P. Manyum and G. Taylor

Department of Materials, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PH, UK

Zirconium nitride precipitates, ZrN, were produced by internally nitriding single crystals of niobium containing various (small) amounts of zirconium, at 1473 K in nitrogen gas at a partial pressure of about 5×10-5 Pa. The structural changes that occurred during annealing treatments after nitridation were investigated using transmission electron microscopy. Electron diffraction patterns show that ZrN particles have the Bain type orientation relationship with the matrix.

(Received March 10, 1997)

Keywords: niobium-base alloy, ZrN particles, structure, crystallography, single crystal, nitride particles

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